Setting up your own home local server

Creating a local server in your PC itself without any extra resources(for linux).

  • You can set up this local server for testing your server side scripts as php,python and others.
  • You only need to download source for Apache that is opensource project means absolutely FREE.
  • Download the .bz2 or .gz source.
  • Extract it using command mentioned in this “tar usage” post.
  • After extraction a folder named httpd-x.x.x will be created (x.x.x is version number).
  • Enter in that folder named like this from your teminal

$ cd /home/mypc/<folder name where you extracted>/httpd-x.x.x

  • Fire  the next three commands from terminal, being in httpd-x.x.x folder.

      $ cd /home/mypc/Downloads/httpd-x.x.x/
      (i extracted in the Downloads folder itself)

  • Fire the below commands one by one.
  • Enter in super user mode

$ sudo -s  (command to enter in superuser mode)

./configure (command to configure your apache the pc requirements)


make install

  • After the successful installation of apache. Test it.
  • Open any web browser and just type open a web page with address “http://localhost”
  • The following text will appear

It works!!!

  • If you see this message means you ave successfully set upa  local server for you.
  • You can host your own website from our local server .(requires continuous power supply and Internet connection. this could be expensive)
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