How to use your pen drive as RAM

If you have a lesser RAM, or feel or present RAM is not sufficient enough for some of your work, then here is a solution for you to extend your RAM.
This can be done using your USB flash drive or pen drive as RAM.
There are some applications and games for which you need more RAM then this post will help u a lot.
Generally people have a RAM of 2 GB on average and its quite less if you prefer to play some games.
So here’s a solution for both windows 7 and xp users .

For Windows 7 users:

Just follow this steps if your operating system is windows 7.

  • Insert Pendrive
  • Right click on pendrive from My Computer and click on properties
  • From property page click on ReadyBoost tab
  • Then select Use this device from the window as shown in below image
  • Set size from the bottom slide bar
  • Click on Apply

That’s it now your pen drive is converted to RAM.
You can check this by viewing the space available in it from my computer, it should be almost full if you have selected all space of your pen drive.

To make this USB flash drive or pen drive free from being used as RAM, just click on Do not use this device from the Ready Boost tab in the properties page and apply the settings. This will free your pen drive from being used as RAM.
So in this way you can increase the size of you RAM.

For Windows xp users:

There are still many users that are using windows xp.

So here are steps for windows XP users.

  • First Right click on My Computer from start menu
  • From Properties window go to Advance
  • Then select Settings of Performance section
  • In this again choose Advance and then select Change on virtual memory section
  • From this page just select your pendrive or flash drive from the available drive options and se the values which you want to use to boost up the performance of your computer.
  • And apply the settings.

So now you now how to boost up your RAM, without any extra skills or expense (if you already own a pen drive). Try it out. Let me know if you face any problems.
Enjoy this extended RAM to have all the fun.

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