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Hide Inactive System Tray Icons

If you have installed a lot many programs in your pc then may be many programs would have created system tray icon for themselves so that you can use them from left below menu. But what if this icons have increased in number.Now you can’t remove that program to delete the icon so here is the procedure to remove this icons from system tray icon.

  • Right Click on Taskbar
  • Select Properties.
  • Now Click on Hide inactive icons or Click on Customize and choose which one you want to appear.
  • Done! Now you will see an arrow just where the time appears in you system tray.

More Icons on Desktop

If you spent lot much time on computers editing and creating new files then your desktop would surely be full of icons. Then you would need more space on desktop so that you can save more icons.
For this you need to minimize the icon spacing horizontally and vertically on Desktop. Follow the procedure-

  • Right Click on your desktop Screen.
  • Go to Properties and select appearance tab on the window that appears.
  • Click on the Advanced button.
  • Select Icons(Horizontal) or Icons( Vertical) in the coming Window.
  • Now Decrease the size.
  • Click ok. Then apply and ok. You are done.

Fast Shutdown from Desktop 

You can shutdown you computer right from you desktop screen by making a shortcut icon. When you click on shortcut icon, you computer will shutdown faster than ever.

  • Right click on the Desktop Screen.
  • Click on New.
  • Now Choose Shortcut Icon. Now , it will ask for Path name.
  • Type ” Shutdown -s -t 00 ” without the double quotes.
  • When you click on this icon, computer will shutdown immediately.
  • If you change -s to -r then your computer will reboot.

Make Your Windows XP Start up faster 

This will make your pc start faster then before . Minimize the number of program loaded on startup to make your  PC start faster then before.

  • Go to start and select run or simply press Windows key + R.
  • Type ” msconfig” without the quotes and hit enter.
  • It brings the system utility window. Select the start up tab.
  • Uncheck all the software and apps that you don’t want to start at the boot time of windows.
  • Click ok and you are done. If you don’t want any click disable all and then click ok.

On-Screen Keyboard

Feeling lazy or just want to just use your mouse to type, than on screen keyboard may will help you out.
just follow below steps.

  • Go to start.
  • Click on All programs.
  • Click on Accessories.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Now, click on On screen keyboard.
  • In keyboard settings, you can choose a number of languages.
Or simply go to start .> run > type “osk
And On Screen keyboard will launch.
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