Surf Internet without getting traced – Surf Anonymously with TOR

  • Surfing internet through sites or also known as anonymous proxies like Virtual-Browser and BeHidden prevents sites to identify your IP address. Well they cannot however stop bad guys between you and the sites you visit from watching your traffic.
  • Tor is a service that distributes our transactions over several different places on the web or internet, so you cannot be tracked or traced or linked to a single point or destination. The idea is similar to using a twisty, hard-to-follow route in order to make it difficult for someone who is tracking or spying on you. 
  •  Tor is free and is available for different operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. There is even a Firefox extension, SwitchProxy, to help switch between Tor and direct browsing.
  • You can download Tor from here.
  • Tor is little slower compared to direct browsing as it bounces your traffic all over the place. so you would sometimes want to quickly switch over to direct browsing using firefox extension metioned above.
NOTE: Tor only ensures anonymous transport of your data, it does not block cookies or secure forms. but Firefox can bust cookies, and you only enter sensitive information over HTTPS connections anyway, right? Tor is also bundled with Privoxy (a web proxy) which can add another layer of anonymity; check out the Tor site for details.
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