Free tools for windows common problems

This article describes about some of the most common problems in windows that can be solved using free tools.

  • Computer boots up very slow. Computer takes more time to start.
Type “msconfig” in the Run box to open the “System Configuration” tool and then go to the “Start-up” tab. There are some programs which you don’t need during start up and you can start them manually after computer start up, so remove such programs. Also disable all unnecessary services from “Services” tab.
There is also a tool named Autoruns that will let you know what programs are selected to run during computer start up or boot up.

  • Recovering a deleted file back
Recuva is a free software that scans hard drives, USB stick and other external drives for any deleted files that can be recovered. If a file has been deleted securely that it may not be able to recover it. 
  • Not able to delete a file.

 Restart your computer in Safe mode to delete that file or, you can get Unlocker. A free tool that will close all open processes that hava locked a file, and after closing you can safely delete that file.

  • Not able to play video file because of missing codecs
Use a tool like Video Inspector to Know which audio & video codecs are required to play the video file on your computer. Or download a codec package K-Lite Pack that will let you play  any audio and video format on your computer.

  • Protecting files and folders 
You can make your files and folders password protected using free utilities like Hide Folder.
Use TrueCrypt for more secure protection of your files and folders. The downside of using truecrypt is you cannot retrieve files if you forget the password.
  • Running out of disk space  and want to free up disk space removing unnecessary files.

You can do this in below three ways:

1. Use WinDirStat to determine what is utilizing disk space on your computer. There may be some files that are hidden in sub-directories , you can delete it permanently or move it to other drive. 

2. From start menu open  Run box and type “cleanmgr” to open up the built-in Disk Cleanup utility. This utility removes all temporary files and uneccessary files that you dont need from your computer.

3. Use Duplicate Cleaner to identify and delete all the duplicate files on your hard drives. Move your duplicate files to recycle bin or move it  to any other folder.

  • Not able to uninstall a program
Use the free Revo Uninstaller utility to remove any program completely from your computer. Revo  also removes entries from Windows Registry that may have been left by previous un-installation routines.
  • Windows crashed with a “Blue Screen.”  don’t know Why?
 BlueScreenView lets you know what caused the system to crash. It will scan  Windows dump files to locate the  device drivers that may have caused the crash.

Make copying faster using tools like TeraCopy or even RichCopy – this tools also have the feature of pausing and resuming file copying or moving even on broken files.

  • Keeping all copied content on windows clipboard without losing previous content
Ditto is a free utility that virtually adds memory to your Windows Clipboard. So that you can keep any thing copied as long as you want in clipboard.
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