Computer mouse tips every computer user must know

There are many ways to use your computer mouse most efficiently. You might not be aware of all. Just go through below tips to know which you use daily and which you don’t. This will help you make a better computer user and tech savvy.

Use Mouse wheel to its fullest

  • Everyone knows of using mouse wheel to scroll up and down but then what else is this article written for—right just to let you know a mouse wheel can do much more.
  • Mouse wheel can also be used as a button. Press down the mouse wheel and it will act like third button on your mouse.
  • Just use this mouse wheel button to open any link from present page in new tab in any browser and similarly it can also be used to close any open tab just by pressing the mouse wheel.
  • Also you can quickly Zoom in and out on a web page, word document, excel spreadsheet, etc. by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling up to zoom in and down to zoom out.
  • In browsers you can zoom in and zoom out without pressing the Ctrl key. Just roll your mouse wheel up and down and you can adjust view of any web page on browsers.
  • Navigate forward and backwards while surfing internet by holding down shift key & scrolling up and down. Scrolling down goes back and scrolling up goes forward.

Move the mouse with your keyboard

Use your keyboards number keypad as a mouse. Follow below to do so:

  • Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.
  • Within the Control Panel open Accessibility Options or Ease of Access
  • Click the Mouse tab.
  • Check the “Use Mouse Keys” check box.
  • If you wish to increase the speed or change any other settings, click on the Settings button.
  • Click Apply and then close out of the box.

After following above steps you can use the numeric keypad as  mouse moving up, down, left, right, and all the diagonals. You can use the center “5” key as left click. Your number lock must be enabled to for this to work.

Shift key and mouse click

Almost all  text editors and programs allow you to highlight all or portions of text using the Shift key and the mouse. Example: place the cursor anywhere in a file, press the Shift key and click at the end of the paragraph to highlight till the end of file from postion of cursor to end.

Select with double and triple click

This is the most used tip but for the completeness of  this post  i have mentioned it. You can select a word by double clicking it. And if you want to highlight the whole paragraph then click the mouse button three times on any paragraph.

Use the Windows Snap To feature

Use “Windows mouse Snap To” feature, which  moves your mouse automatically to buttons that appear in a dialog box. To enable this feature open the Mouse properties under the Windows Control Panel and check the “Snap To” check box under the “Pointer” Options tab.

Example: If you close, delete or install a program you get a prompt asking ok or cancel to proceed. With the Snap To feature enabled, the mouse cursor automatically moves to the Ok button, so you just have to click the mouse button if you want to proceed with the task or process. This way you can get rid of moving your mouse pointer to the prompt buttons and even save little time.
You can even increase the Motion speed in Mouse settings and many other features just check out Mouse properties from windows control panel.

Use the right-click

Everyone might be aware of right clicking on any object to view its properties or copy and paste it.
Else then that you can right click on any file or text and drag it continually holding the right button
and when you let go the button you will be given option either to move or copy that file ot text

Press Ctrl key and right click on any link this will open that link in new tab. This requires to press two buttons. The better idea is to use mouse wheel as mentioned above.

Ctrl key and mouse click or highlight

Select multiple objects or highlight multiple sections of text while holding down the Ctrl key and left-click. So you could press the Ctrl key and click on multiple files to select them all at once.
If you want to highlight different parts of a paragraph or web page, you could also hold down the Ctrl key and select each section you wanted to copy.

Manage the open window with the mouse

Maximize any open window by double clicking in its top title bar, Or if it is already maximized then minimize or resize it by double clicking its top title bar.
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