Running a disc image without burning to DVD or USB

This is a quick guide to run a disc image without having to burn it to a CD or DVD or USB.

The number of software programs are increasing, and we don’t  have enough storage space or blank media to burn images to disc to run. It is also time consuming using DVD to install operating system as you will have to go through the procedure of burning image on it.

Download DAEMON Tools Lite. You can emulate physical drive using Daemon tools lite so that you dont have to use real drive. Remember it emulates CD/DVD-ROM, so that all you have to do is load the image to this virtual drive.
You can also use DAEMON Tools to backup image copies of your software so that you can store them all on your hard disk and be free of maintaining or caring for CDs and DVDs.
Lets see how you can do this and how it works.

1. Firstly install DAEMON Tools Lite from here

Select “Free License” during installation, and at no point do you need to pay for the software.

installing operating system without DVD or USB

2. Open DAEMON Tools Lite

3. Add a DT Virtual Drive

Select the “Add DT Virtual Drive” button as pictured below.

installing operating system without DVD or USB

4. Insert Disc Image

Now just Drag and drop the disc image onto the virtual drive you’ve created. You will now see an AutoPlay dialog box appear, much like you would if you had inserted the physical CD or DVD.

installing operating system without DVD or USB

That’s it now you will not have to use or buy blank DVDs to tun software’s to run from discs.

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