Upload pictures from linux to Facebook and Flickr using shotwell

A tool with easy and UI to upload pictures to popular social media sites like Facebook and Flickr and that too from desktop itself.
Linux Ubuntu users can manage and upload picture on Facebook and Flickr using a free desktop tool called Shotwell . Its a free tool for GNOME desktop environment to manage pictures, edit and upload them on Facebook and Flickr.

add photos to facebook and flickr from linux ubuntu

Some Features of Shotwell:

  • Import Pictures from Digital Camera and Manage them in an organized way
  • Edit the pictures without altering the original one
  • Rotate, Crop and Mirror the images
  • Publish Pictures/Photos to Facebook and Flickr with Single Click
  • Enhance the Pictures by removing red eye, and adjust the saturation, tint etc

Shotwell 0.13.1 is the latest version of this software and available for download. Shotwell is a well known open source photo organizer and you can use the same to upload pictures of social media network Facebook and Image Host Flickr. You may checkout the instructions for installing the Shotwell program on different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE.

Download Shotwell 0.4.3

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