Use Dropbox to host website pages

Dropbox can host websites by using third party application integrated with it known as site44

You have several other options to host a site but not with complete control as they are free. You can use free hosting service as blogger or wordpress or many other similar to them. Using this services is they are free. The negative aspect that you can’t modify the site to your liking as you are limited by the tools the services make available.

If you’re looking to create a simple website, but don’t want to go for hosting then you can use the online backup service Dropbox to host your website.

hosting websites with dropbox

  • Another option would be to sign up for a paid hosting account, but that is not always a good option either as you often pay years in advance which may mean that you end up with hosting space for the next one or two years even if you find out after a week or month that you do not want to continue working on the site.
  • So here comes using Dropbox to host your own website. One of the services that makes this dead easy is Site44
  • The requirements simply are Dropbox installed on your PC and ofcourse a account with Dropbox.
  • Visit the site44 website and click on the sign in with Dropbox to get started button. You are redirected to Dropbox where you are asked whether you want to connect the site with your account. This app will create a folder named site44 in the Dropbox account to which it will have full access to. If you proceed, you are taken to the next and final page of the setup.
  • Here you can either select a free subdomain on the website to host your site, or use your own domain name. The second option requires  you to add a new CNAME record at the domain hosting service before you can proceed with it. Either way, your website is in the end accessible via its subdomain or the domain that you have selected. And just visit your page as i have created mine is
  • Firstly only a index.html will get created that will be displayed as a page on you domain selected in site44. You can modify it according to your use and view the changes after it gets merged and updated with Dropbox online.
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