Preventing Image overflow in blogger posts

Whenever we use images in our blogs from blogspot or blogger we have a issue of image overflow. If this images are wider then the width of post area, this images get overlapped with sidebar. steps for Preventing Image overflow blogger posts
This needs to be fixed. Here is a little trick that will do the work for you.
You just need to add a line of code in the blogger html template.
If the width of image is wider than post area, it will get overflowed and overlapped with the side content, whatever it may be.
So lets get a solution to this, just by editing your blogger template code.

Steps to make image resize as the post area.

  • Go to Blogger > Template > Edit Template.
  • Find /b:skin code in your template.
  • Just under it, paste the following code:
.post-body img  {
  • Save Your Template.
  • Now just try using a image with wider size than the post area it will automatically get re-sized as post area.
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