Changing Default search engine in Firefox

This article is about searching you queries directly from the address bar. And this will search into the default search engine set for your browser displaying the results page for the default search engine.
A step wise guide for setting up default search engine in Mozilla firefox.
  • In your address bar, type in: “about:config” (if you doing it for the first time, you may have to promise you are going to be careful).
  • Search for keyword.url from the filter box.
  • Double click on this entry. It will open a dialog where you can modify the ‘keyword.url’ string.
  • You can also modify it by right click and selecting “Modify
  • Change this string as below if you want Google to be your default search engine. 
Now search for queries directly into address bar and you will land up Google search results page.
Similar steps can be followed for other setting up search engines as well. (bing, yahoo etc.)
That’s it you won’t even need to restart Firefox for changes to take effect. 

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