Addon in Firefox to map your internet activities visually

There is a ‘ about:memory ‘ url many of us know. There’s more about: URI scheme options in Firefox and came across an addon which adds an “about:me” URL.
This addon, “about:me”, makes use of the browsing and downloading history data to give our browser usage pattern a visual representation through graphs and pie charts. Its very useful if u want to know out the usage of our firefox. You can see a list of most visited websites, your hourly browsing pattern, kind of files you have downloaded and daily download pattern too.

You click on any of the graph and you will see a list of the items associated with the stats.

As you can see first line says  ‘since saturday march 26th’.
so the stats displayed are from that time onwards.

Its fun to know to know which sites you access the most and that too at which time.
And also when is your browsing activity the most.
Also clicking on the bars lets you know the number of hourly visits to a particular site.

Install about:me addon, open “about:me” and check it out.

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