Download Videos from youtube without any special tool or online free applications

Below are some very simple steps to get and download videos from YouTube. That too without using any Youtube video down-loader or any such thing.
There are a lot of tools and converters, online applications available to download videos from YouTube.
You will just need the YouTube video link and VLC media player, which is most commonly used for playing videos on desktop. But there is a hidden capability of VLC to give you the exact location of video’s stored location source being played on youtube.

We will just explore this capability of VLC media player top give us  the exact location of the YouTube video source location.

  1. Open YouTube video link in any web browser that you want to download.

Example :

2. This is the link on which we view videos on youtube on any web browser.
Copy this link. Open VLC media player.

3. Go to Media tab and scroll down for Open Network Stream.

4. Paste the copied Youtube video link in the open Network Stream field.

5. Click on play .
The video will be played back in VLC media player now. The same video that plays on webpages can also be played in VLC as shown.
6. As the video is played click on Tools tab and then click on Media Information as below image.

7. The media information of video will be displayed as below image.
At the bottom of the page you will find the Location field.

8. Copy the link from that Location field and open it in any web browser

9. A Download prompt will open up asking you to save the video on your PC.
If not the download prompt the video will get played on web page itself.
Just right click on the video and select save video as or save as you will then be able to download video to your PC.

That’s it, So this is how you can download any video from youtube hassle free, without downloading or using any other extra tools.

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