Solution to ‘Youtube Videos not playing in VLC media player’

Before going to the solution, just a note tutorial who doesn’t know that youtube videos can be played in VLC media player.

Well it wasn’t declared or promoted, at the time of initial releases, but it’s there:
So use below steps to play any youtube stream directly into VLC.(You can also save youtube videos from VLC).

1). Click File.
2). Choose “Open Network Stream,”
3). Paste in the main YouTube URL for a video (just the URL and first parameter, like

But for some this wont work due to the below problem, there’s a solution down.
Firstly download youtube.lua script from below link which is the reason if youtube videos are not played in VLC.


Click the link above, then click Download, then Save it to…

How to use.

  • Go to <vlc-install-dir>luaplaylistyoutube.lua .<vlc-install-dir> being wherever you installed VLC to, for example, the default location.

C:Program FilesVideoLANVLCluaplaylistyoutube.lua …or in my case, I remove “VideoLAN” from — & add the version to the path.

C:Program FilesVLC2.0.5luaplaylistyoutube.lua Note: You may notice a youtube.luac file already there, that should be fine

  • Save this downloaded (youtube.lua, no c) next to it, don’t overwrite (bcoz overwriting would also rename the file you are downloading)
  • I have both & my uncompiled version (.lua) is the one taking over. If you have conflicts, simply rename, move or (only in the most extreme cases) delete youtube.luac (notice the “c” on the end, it’s “.luac”), leaving only my new youtube.lua in place. 
  1. Go to YouTube & copy a video URL
  2. Go to VLC & press Ctrl+V, then press Enter (or click Play) to confirm playing the URL.
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