Generating a sdp file for rtp streaming using vlc

Generate a sdp stream using VLC. Follow the steps below to do so.

I have tested this with the vlc release 1.0.5 Golden Eye.

For more understanding on sdp follow this wiki link.

Creating a stream using GUI.

1. Create one rtp stream through VLC(1.0.5 golden eye).
2. rtp://
3. Audio port:1, Video Port: 1
4. Disable Active transcoding
5. Profile: Video – MPEG2 + MPGA (TS)
6. TTL: 64
7. Enable stream all elementary streams
8. Generate Stream output string:
:sout=#rtp{dst=,port=4000,mux=ts,sdp=file:// G:inetpubwwwrootsdpmyts.sdp} :sout-all
9. Start the stream.
10. Copy this sdp file to a webserver.
11. Now open this url in a player using streaming link as 

Command for generating sdp file.

vlc -vvv C:UsersAdministratorDesktopsample.mp4  –sout-keep –sout-all –sout=#rtp{dst=,port=8833,sdp=file:///C:/my.sdp}

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