Creating a Bootable USB without any 3rd party software

I faced this recently and had to install OS on a laptop which did not have a DVD drive, and only had USB option available.

I had done it previously but couldn’t recall the steps to do it manually without any software to be downloaded. This is helpful when you don’t have a internet connection and just remember the steps mentioned here.

I will try to keep it very simple and step based to make it easily remember.
We will use DISKPART inbuilt utility of windows OS.
  1. Insert USB device in a PC with windows OS & open cmd as administrator(From start menu, type cmd, right click in search result and open as administrator).
  2. Enter ‘diskpart’ on cmd line. Use ‘LIST DISK’ to determine the USB drive letter. Note down the drive letter for your inserted USB.
  3. Now type select disk <drive letter>, where ‘drive letter’ is drive letter of the USB device, and then click ENTER. Make sure to cross check this selected USB device.
  4. Type ‘clean’, and then click ENTER. This command will clear and delete all data from your USB device.
  5. Now create a new primary partition on the USB device using command ‘type create part primary’, and then hit ENTER.This will be recognized by Windows as ‘partition 1’.
  6. Select this partition by typing ‘select partition 1’ and hit ENTER.
  7. Format this partition to ntfs using command ‘format fs=ntfs quick’, and then hit ENTER
Now the final step is to create bootsector and move the OS files in this USB drive.
  • For this extract the .iso windows OS file in a folder, navigate to that folder from cmd. It will have folders and files.
  • For Ex: C:UsersAdministratorDesktopwindows7. Change the current directory to boot folder present in the extracted folder using ‘cd boot’.
  • Type ‘bootsect /nt60 e:’ and hit Enter. Creating boot sector on E: drive (USB device).
  • Type EXIT and close the cmd.
  • Lastly copy all the files and folders extracted from the .iso file to USB device.
Now plugin this USB in your machine and make sure that you select USB flash drive option in the boot menu to boot from USB device.
That’s it you have successfully prepared a bootable USB pendrive without any software.
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