TCP/IP state transitions

I am writing this post for all those confused in the TCP IP state transition .Also a animation is used below to explain it more clearly.

The below diagram has all the tcp ip states mentioning 11 states.

Tcp ip state transition

Understand the state transition of tcp ip state transition  using this flash animation. Simulate it using the options available.The below animation will help in understanding the three way handshake and TCP/IP layers in network communications.Packet flow in TCP/IP model is well illustrated and understood very well using below animation.

TCP/IP that is transmission control protocol and the internet protocol was developed by Department of Defence’s Project Research Agency (ARPA, later DARPA) under the project of network interconnection.Originally it was created to connect military networks together, later it was used by government agencies and universities. It is robust to failures and flexible to diverse networks. Most widely used protocol for interconnecting computers and it is the protocol of the internet. Use this wiki link to read more

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